I suppose some of you are wondering why I have forsaken my 3 readers. I haven’t left the baby birds all alone in the nest yet, so I don’t want any of you to fly away now.

However, it has been a bit busy the past couple weeks. Last week, I was out of town.

The week before, a good friend of mine lost his life.

Today is the Fourth of July, which is always filled with plenty of music. As per every July 4th, I spent the evening in a local town, hocking baked goods and suffering through the appalling display of patriotism that is the Fairview Fourth of July Celebration.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate patriotic music, but I do hate begin stuck in Fairview with Evermore and Ambassadors of Christ.

The constant pop and snap of the fireworks was enough to warm my soul after a few hours of American kitsch and soul-crushing old-time religion.

Enjoy the fireworks, baby birds. I’ll be back soon enough with a longer post.