It’s been a long few weeks (see the previous post for an extremely brief explanation), but that doesn’t really give me license to stop writing. So… time for a new blog post. I suppose I’ll write about my most recent addiction, a strange world that I have recently immersed myself into wholeheartedly.

No, not crocheting.


However, before I get into that, I have to make a small confession… I hate Fleetwood Mac, and by Fleetwood Mac, I mean Stevie Nicks. I really hate Stevie Nicks. If I met Stevie Nicks, I would beat her to death with her own ego.

I love ‘Tusk’. Don’t get me wrong, I still hate Stevie Nicks, but that just doesn’t matter at this point. ‘Tusk’ is borderline transcendental. The rhythms, the paranoia, and the noise are on par with any Merzbow or other various ‘experimental’ music pieces that garner high play counts on Dr. B. H. Robotnik (that’s my iPod’s name. Get used to it.) The subtle use of vocal harmonies, the random drum break, and the legendary use of the USC Trojan Marching Band are the kinds of things that make me, well… you know.

Oh, and by the way, I am only talking about the song ‘Tusk’, not the whole album. ‘Tusk’ is 3 minutes and 29 seconds of utter aural bliss, which is consequently exactly what the good Doctor ordered. But, how did I find this song now, a full 31 years after its release? Glad you asked, you inquisitive little reader.

Again, I must give all credit to the mighty radio. I don’t know what I would do if Nikola Tesla hadn’t invented the radio so many years ago. The scene is similar to that of my first discover of music. While the car is vastly different, the players are the same. My father and I were on an old road outside of Fairmont, seated safely in the front seats of a totally different station wagon. My hand played at the radio’s control this time around.

Unfortunately, the savior station wasn’t the same station to rescue me this time. The call numbers were 105.7 on the day in question. When the tuner found those numbers, my hand stopped. My ears perked. The only words I could say were: “I don’t know what’s happening on the radio right now.” Dad just shrugged his shoulders and kept driving. I remember sitting in delight, much like I had in those days long ago, smiling and absorbing everything I could about the song.

When the DJ announced that it was Fleetwood Mac, I was astonished, mainly because I was tricked into liking a Fleetwood Mac song. But, I bit the bullet, and upon returning to my house, turned to the internet to allow me to hear it again.

I’ll admit, I don’t illegally download music that much, but this one was a must. I don’t want to give Stevie Nicks any of my hard(ly)-earned money. So… I sailed on over to a certain website specializing in the art of music piracy (hint hint) and found the song.

Honestly, I listened to ‘Tusk’ ten times in a row. I listened to it every time I opened my laptop. The only reason I am not listening to it now is because I am on the phone with a pretty lady. (I’ll probably listen to it when I get off the phone and pick up my crocheting again.)

I know all 4 of you readers must be wondering if this has caused me to change my mind about Fleetwood Mac and give them another try. Honestly, ‘Tusk’ is one-of-a-kind. From what I can tell, there is no other song on that album that is comparable to it. So….


No more Fleetwood Mac for me. I’ll sit in the corner with my ‘Tusk’ and be perfectly happy.

SIDE NOTE: I’d post a link to the song itself, but the jerk-offs running YouTube have decided they don’t want to pay Stevie Nicks any of their money either. Sometimes, the jerk-offs behind YouTube don’t have their collective head too far up their collective ass. Well done on this one, YouTube. I’ll post a link to the song when I find one.

EDIT: The Internet Gods have finally smiled upon me in my search for a link to present to my readers. Being that this is the official music video, the first 20 seconds of noise are cut off. However, you can still hear the noise build throughout the entire song, so overall, the cut isn’t so damaging. Regardless, I bring you…. TUSK!