I come to you tonight, not as a writer or blogmaster, but as a man who holds more failed love interests in his heart than lap records on Mario Kart. A man who may know what buttons to press for a split-second power boost, but not what chords to strum to win a heart. A man who can honestly say the occasional Blue Shell should be feared much more than the frequent blue balls.

Tonight, I bring to you, the reader, a song that mixes the two.

Keep in mind that it is not my point to steal Sam Hart’s thunder, but to praise him for a job very well done.

If you can recall a time when 8- or 16-bit video games were king, and you can relate to this whole crazy theme of ‘love’ that Hart (almost a pun, yes?) is referring to, then I believe you will absolutely love this song.

The phrases that Hart turns are nothing short of musical mastery. The music itself is not complicated, but the message is, and the two intertwine throughout the relatively short piece in such a way as to bring a very sincere meaning to the borderline kitschy lyrics. But is it not the calling of the musician to pull words and phrases from his psyche that clearly convey his feelings?

I say it is.

We can all recall a time when we felt like the Toad to our love interest’s Princess Peach, a time when we would continue to cut in front of them and foil every trap, even without recognition from the one we desired. We ‘protected them from red shells’ at every corner.
We blistered our fingers for the one we loved… and we were stepped on like a toadstool in a mucky bog.

Perhaps you are dealing with this feeling presently.

Perhaps your humble scribe is feeling this as he writes. (Don’t count on it.)

Whether the song brings a tear to our eye or a smile to our face (or perhaps… both?), those born under NES’s reign and bred into the Super Nintendo empire can share a laugh, a cry, or a melody because of this man’s contribution to the internet.

So, I say to you, reader…. listen again. Remember those times when your Princess helped to create sparks in your wheels and heart. And for those of you who have not yet experienced that odd feeling of pain from taking the fall of the banana peel in turn 3 of Rainbow Road and happiness in knowing that your Princess could ride on undisturbed, let me remind you that…

your Princess is in another castle.