Some days, I sit at the computer keyboard, mouse in hand, and waste the entire day playing FrontierVille. I’m not ashamed to admit that in the past couples week I have become rather addicted to the game. But on the days that I surf away from the time-consuming bother and waste my time elsewhere, I find some really amazing musicians and the works that they create.

A few days ago, I found a good one.

Brett Domino is not just a quiet, nerdy, musical adventurer from Leeds. He is not just an well-kept secret from the UK underground. He is not just an avid stylophone enthusiast.

Brett Domino is the man who made me enjoy the music of Lady Gaga. For those of you that know me personally, you know my dislike for all things Gaga. I hate her music. I hate her voice. I hate her “eccentric” style of dress. Frankly, I liked her better the first time when she was called David Bowie. But Brett has performed her song “Bad Romance” in such a way that appeals greatly to me:

with tiny electronic gizmos, claves, and a ukelele!

Being that Brett discusses (in full detail) the two electronic instruments played in the video, I’ll spare you the time and details. But, if you’d like to know a little more, you can click here or here. Also, Brett’s homepage (with is still under construction) and YouTube channel have been provided. Be sure to check out his Justin Timberlake medley as well.